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Part: 6 Picture Perfect > Term Paper #3 - Pg. 355

Sample Term Papers 355 In conclusion, Appalachian clogging and Irish step dancing are two dynamic dance forms, each with a rich history, that are thriving quite well and becoming ever more popular as we reach the turn of the twenty-first century. While I've found the answers to the original questions I asked about the dances, I've also come up with even more questions over the course of my research. More important, I've grown to genuinely like the two dances. For the time being I can only enjoy watching them, but I just might take a clogging or step dancing class sometime in the future. It will be interesting to see what the future holds for step dancing and clogging, whether step dancing falls back out of vogue or clogging undergoes a surge of popularity and takes the limelight once and for all. Either way, both dances have proven to stand the test of time, and almost certainly will be around in some form for the enjoyment of many generations to come. Works Cited Bibliography "Banjo." The New Grove Dictionary of Musical Instruments , vol. 1. 1984 ed. Angela Charlton,. "Cloggers Shuffle and Skip to Save Appalachian Tradition." The Associated