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Chapter 15. Picture This: Description > Take the Plunge - Pg. 168

Picture This: Description 168 Diaries, in contrast, are used to record the day's events--sort of a super Filofax or Day Timer. Diaries are not used for reflection or experimentation. As such, they don't help you improve your writing skills while you grapple with life issues. A diary can help you make it to that 10:00 meeting on Tuesday, however. Don't Go There So far, journals sound like the best thing since sliced bread. After all, they can help you become a better writer as you're dealing with the stress of everyday life. But journaling isn't for everyone. Journal writing may not be for you if ... · You are obsessive, because the technique itself could become an obsession. In that case, you would get little benefit from the writing, since you're not doing it to explore technique or content but rather just for the sake of doing it. Writer's Block If you decide to keep your journal in electronic form, on a laptop or PC for example, be sure to back up