Personal Best: Revising and Editing 120 Judgment Day Word Watch Revising and editing are evaluating your writing to find ways to make it better. The process involves deleting, adding, replacing, and moving words, sentences, and passages in the text. Revisingand editing are part of the creative process of writing. As you learned in Chapter 8, "Write This Way," when you come to this step in the writing process, you evaluate your document to see what needs to be deleted, added, and moved to make your message and style more effective. Revision isn't one-stop shopping, however: Expect to rethink your writing several times before you're satisfied with it. As you make each round of improvements, you again assess your writing to see if it suits your audience and purpose. Revising and editing, like exercise and oat bran, is good and good for you. It doesn't mean that you didn't do a fine job on your rough draft or that you're not a good writer. In fact, just the opposite is the case. The finest writers tend to do the most revising. The very word revise, meaning "to see