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Chapter 11. Personal Best: Revising and ... > It's a Lock: Revise for Unity - Pg. 127

Personal Best: Revising and Editing Unity, a single effect, is often linked to coherence, the logical arrangement of ideas within a passage. 127 Betcha got it: Sentences 3 and 7 are off-topic. Crazy Glue Your Sentences: Transitions Word Watch A transition is a word or phrase that links related ideas. Examples include also, in addition, for example, spe- cifically, and on the other hand. If your ideas don't cling together like teenagers in love, you can add transitions. A transition can be a word (such as also ) or a phrase (such as for example ) that shows how ideas are related. Each transitional word and phrase indicates a slightly different shade of meaning, so choose your tran- sitions as carefully as you choose your peaches. The following table shows the most common transitions and their meanings. I've lumped related