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Chapter 7. Paragraphs Plus > Sweet Endings: Concluding Sentences - Pg. 77

Paragraphs Plus 77 Notice how all the supporting sentences serve to ex-pand the implied topic sentence, which we can state this way: "Coca-Cola started out as a patent medicine and only accidentally developed into a carbonated beverage." The paragraph is well written because the topic is developed with specific supporting sentences. In Chapter 9, "A Place for Everything, and Everything in Its Place," you'll learn different ways to arrange the supporting sentences in your paragraphs. Write Angles In writing, as in life, oftentimes less is more. You don't have to include every single detail you find. You're far better off selecting the examples that really make your case and suit your audience and purpose. Sweet Endings: Concluding Sentences A concluding sentence is like a good dessert: It draws together everything that has come before and leaves the reader with a sense of completion. A delicious concluding sentence also leaves your