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Chapter 7. Paragraphs Plus > Don't Leave Home Without It: Topic Sentences - Pg. 72

Paragraphs Plus 72 · A reworking of a question you have been given, as in: "What is the final test of maturity? I believe it is living with fear and not being overcome by it." The question was: "It has been said that to live with fear and not be overcome with it is the final test of maturity." This technique won't win you a Pulitzer Prize, but it's a great technique when you're faced with an essay test or writing deadline on the job. · A statement of purpose. · A sentence containing statistics. Each of these methods is described in detail in Chapter 10. Topic sentences please your readers because they announce the contents of the paragraph. This enables people to read faster, since they know what they'll be reading. Your Place in the Sun While most writers place their topic sentences first in a paragraph, you can also place it in the middle or end. To whit ... 1. First in line.Placing your topic sentence first in a paragraph is especially useful when you're dealing with difficult or technical material, since it clearly states the subject matter. This leaves the reader free to focus on the details rather than trying to decode the topic. In addition, an effective topic sentence placed first in a paragraph grabs your reader's atten- tion, urging them to read on. Middle man.Placing your topic sentence in the middle of a paragraph allows you to support your topic before you actually state it. Since this method helps decrease reader resistance, use it when you think your audience will be unfavorable or hostile to your ideas. Placing your topic sentence in the middle also creates a sense of balance. Try to include the 2.