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Chapter 17. Paper Chase > Time Flies When You're Having Fun - Pg. 189

Paper Chase A research paper is persuasive, as it argues a thesis. A term paper is expository, as it shows or tells. 189 In brief, a research paper ... · · · · · Argues a point. Formulates a thesis. Argues/persuades. Evaluates. Considers why and how. And Here's the Term Paper A term paper doesn't argue a point or try to convince readers to think or act a certain way. Rather, a term paper is a summary of information from one or more sources. When you write a term paper, you're serving as a conduit, reporting what others have said. Don't treat the term paper as a dowdy country cousin, however. Term papers are a great way to present a lot of data in an organized and easy-to-use form. That's why government employees often write term papers with information on the economy, demographics, transportation, and so forth. In brief, a term paper ... · · · · Presents data. Reports what others said. Explains or describes. Summarizes.