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Chapter 17. Paper Chase > The Heart of the Matter: Writing a Thesis Statement - Pg. 199

Paper Chase Here are some terrific thesis statements: 199 · Much of the conflict between men and women results from their very different way of using language. · Fairy tales are among the most subversive texts in children's literature. · The brief economic boom of the 1920s had a dramatic impact on the U.S. economy. · The computer revolution has done more harm than good. Write Angles Research may lead you to revise your thesis, even disprove it, but framing it at the very beginning of your research will focus your thinking. · Everyone wins with a flat tax: government, business, accountants, and even consumers. Try several variations of your thesis statement until you have one that says all you need to say. Don't panic: Remember that you're very likely to revise your thesis statement several times as you research, draft, and revise your paper.