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Chapter 3. Pack the Essentials > Take Aim: Purpose - Pg. 25

Pack the Essentials Unity results when every sentence in a paragraph is related to each other and the main idea. 25 · · · · Order of space (up to down, down to up, inside out, and so on) Order of importance (most to least important, least to most important) Order of impression (the order in which the details catch the writer's attention) Questions and answers Unity and Coherence People work together on teams, in classes, and in committees to get things done. When people cooperate with each other, they can achieve their goal more easily. In the same way, when all the sentences in a paragraph are on the same topic, the paragraph achieves its purpose. A paragraph has unity if all of its sentences support the same main idea. Unity is lost if the paragraph goes off the topic by including sentences that do not relate to the main idea. The writer of the following paragraph achieved unity by linking every detail in the paragraph to the topic sentence, the first sentence in the passage: