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Chapter 3. Pack the Essentials > Crowd Control: Audience - Pg. 27

Pack the Essentials 27 Audience Analysis 1. Who will be reading my work? ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ 2. What is their age? Is their age likely to have a big effect on the way they approach my work? Why or why not? ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ 3. What is their gender? Is this an important factor in my choice of organization and purpose? ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ 4. Where do they live? Are they rural, suburban, or urban people? ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ 5. What is their socio-economic status? How will this influence their approach to my writing? ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ 6. Why are they reading my writing? To learn? To be entertained? To be persuaded? ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ 7. How much do they already know about this topic? ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ 8. How do they feel about my topic? Are they likely to be receptive, hostile, or somewhere in between?