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Chapter 28. Mark Me: Punctuation > Wild Things: The Hyphen, Dash, and Ellipsis - Pg. 328

Mark Me: Punctuation 328 Author! Author! Punctuation varies from language to language and preference for specific marks vary from writer to writer, but within any given document, all writers favor stylistic constancy. Today, the trend is toward a minimum of punc- tuation, with clarity as the main criterion for use. The Dynamic Duo: Quotation Marks As you've already learned, dialogue is a great way to provide specific examples and add a dash of style to your writing. Here's how to use these adorable twins: · Use quotation marks to set off a speaker's exact words. Example: A grasshopper walks into a bar and the bartender says, "Hey, we got a drink named after you." The grasshopper answers, "You got a drink named Bob?" · Use quotation marks to set off a definition. Example: Procrastination means "keeping up with yesterday."