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Chapter 28. Mark Me: Punctuation > Wild Things: The Hyphen, Dash, and Ellipsis - Pg. 329

Mark Me: Punctuation 3. 329 Ellipses are used to show a break in continuity. Let's look at each mark of punctuation in detail. The Hyphen The following guidelines show how to use a hyphen, a small but necessary mark of punctuation. · Use a hyphen to show a word break at the end of a line of type. This is silly, because today we can so easily wrap around type, thanks to computers and variable-spaced fonts. Nonetheless, the rule stands. Write Angles Hyphenate compound adjectives when they are used together before the noun they modify, as in the well- known person. Don't hyphenate compound adjectives if they follow the noun: The person was well known. · Use a hyphen specific compound nouns and adjectives. Examples: half-price, well-known