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Chapter 28. Mark Me: Punctuation > End Runs: Period, Question Mark, and Exclama... - Pg. 322

Mark Me: Punctuation · Position.They are all placed at the end of a sentence. 322 Word Watch Punctuation is the use of standard marks in written language to clarify meaning. · Function.They all indicate a full stop. · Purpose.They all show that a specific thought is complete. Here's how these three marks of punctuation are used. The Period Here are the rules that govern the use of that cute little tike, the period. · Use a period after a complete sentence (one complete thought). Example: Age is the outrageous price paid for maturity. · Use a period after a command. Example: Buckle your seatbelts. · Use a period after most abbreviations. If an abbreviation comes at the end of a sentence, don't add another period. Examples: Dr.; Ms.; Jr. · Use a period after an initial. Example: J.F. Kennedy · Use a period after each Roman numeral, letter, or number in an outline. Example: I. A. B. 1. 2. Writer's Block Don't use a period after acronyms, such as SCUBA, CNN, and NATO. · Always place a period inside a quotation mark that ends a sentence.