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Chapter 10. Making Your Bones > End Game: Conclusions - Pg. 117

Making Your Bones 117 Going back over the main idea in your conclusion helps your audience remember your most im- portant points. To use this method, restate the main idea in your first sentence. Then summarize each of the key points you made. Be sure to restate your ideas in a way that is different from your essay. This will help you avoid repetition and so make your essay more effective. The following article on the original Mr. Blue Jeans, Levi Strauss, concludes with a summary and restatement: Author! Author! "The perfect ending should take the reader slightly by surprise and yet seem exactly right to him. He didn't expect the article to end so soon, or so abruptly, or to say what it said. But he knows it when he sees it. It is like the curtain line in a theatrical comedy. We are in the middle of a scene (we think) when suddenly one of the actors says something funny, or outrageous, or epigrammatic, and the lights go out. We are momentarily startled to find the scene over, and then delighted by the aptness of how it ended. --William Zinsser, On Writing Well This is the story of how a rugged American symbol was born by a sudden inspiration. In 1850, 21-year-old Levi Strauss traveled from New York to San Fran-cisco. A peddler, Strauss took