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Chapter 10. Making Your Bones > Body Talk - Pg. 114

Making Your Bones 114 In desperation, Darrow used his own money to have 5,000 games made by a small company. He sold the games himself and the craze spread. Seeing the success of the game, Parker Brothers changed its mind and purchased the game for manufacturing and distribution. In 1975, twice as much Monopoly money was printed in the United States as real money. In most years, the face value of the Monopoly money is much more than the face value of the entire U.S. Treasury's output. All told, nearly 100 million Monopoly sets have been sold since 1935. Detailed Work Want to make your writing sizzle? Kick the details up a notch and make them appeal to one of the five senses: appearance, feels, tastes, smells, and sounds. This creates sensory details, which work particularly well in the following types of writing: · Journals Writer's Block Don't be misled by the four ex-amples listed here; they're just to give you an idea of how to use sensory details. Actually, you can't write anything without including sensory details. · Personal essays · Poems · Observations and descriptions Following is an excerpt from a story about Matthew Henson and Robert Peary, the first explorers to reach the North Pole. The sensory details are so vivid that you're going to want to snuggle back under the covers! Far, far north of the Earth, a small band of men struggled against icy blasts of wind. The shrieking Arctic gales shot needles of ice into their faces. The bitter east wind was like a piercing blade, slicing right through their thick fur parkas. It was 60 degrees below zero, so cold that if the men spilled a cup of hot coffee, it vanished before hitting the ground. The extreme cold turned the water into tiny crystals of ice, too small to see. It was so cold that the men's noses, cheeks, and toes could turn black with frostbite in seconds. Their brandy was frozen solid. Even the petroleum jelly was frozen. Like plastic, it was hard and white. But these men were determined to complete their journey. Robert Peary and Matthew Henson were going to be the first people to reach the North Pole--or die trying. Let's Make an Example of It You paint the broad strokes with generalizations and fill in the spaces with examples. Examples make your writing clear by offering specific instances. Here's a handful of writing types that just cry out for examples: · Comparison-contrast essays · Definition essays