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Chapter 23. Letter Perfect > Letters of Opinion - Pg. 270

Letter Perfect 270 Writer's Block For fancy parties, it's commonplace to have the invitations printed. If you go this route, be sure to proofread the invitation before it's printed. We're still laughing over the wedding invitation that had the bride's name misspelled. Letters of Opinion How about those Mets? Everybody's got an opinion, and few of us are shy about expressing it. That's where letters of opinion come in. By stating our point of view in writing, letters of opinion give legitimacy to our feelings. Letters of opinion are like telephone books: They have a wide variety of uses. Here are some of the most common ones: · · · · · To praise or criticize a company To register your viewpoint on a community issue To comment on public policy To respond to an editorial or article To support a candidate or other elected official All letters of opinion state your opinions clearly and provide reasons to support them. Here's how it works with a letter of complaint. I Can't Get No Satisfaction The washing machine ate your socks; the hair dryer has more hot air than your local Senator. You're mad as hell, and you're not going to take it anymore. What to do? Why not write a letter of complaint? "Ah, they never work," you scoff. Actually, they do--and quite well. Here's how to lodge a consumer complaint and accomplish more than just venting your spleen. 1. Gather up all the paperwork related to the product or service in question--which you saved, like the careful consumer you are, rather than throwing away with the box. Here's the proof you'll need to make your case: · Sales receipts · Work orders · Canceled checks · Charge slips · Warranty booklets Contact the company by letter. The letter approach allows you time to frame your complaint more carefully and completely than a phone call. It also provides tangible proof of dissatis- faction in the form of a "paper trail." 2.