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Chapter 23. Letter Perfect > People Who Like People: Social Notes - Pg. 266

Letter Perfect State Virginia Washington West Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming Zip Code Abbreviation VA WA WV WI WY 266 Never use any abbreviation if there is the slightest chance of a misdelivery or misunderstanding. In that case, write out the full place name. Short and Sweet The following list gives some of the most common abbreviations for geographical terms. Notice that unlike zip codes, these are true abbreviations, since each one ends with a period. Place Avenue Building Boulevard County District Drive Fort Highway Island Mountain National Peninsula Point Province Road Route Square Street Territory Abbreviation Ave. Bldg. Blvd. Co. Dist. Dr. Ft. Hwy. Is. Mt. Natl. Pen. Pt. Prov. Rd. Rte. Sq. St. Terr. Now, let's turn to a specific type of personal letter: the social note. People Who Like People: Social Notes Unlike personal letters, social notes generally serve a single purpose. Personal letters dish the dirt; social notes may express thanks, offer condolences, or invite someone to a party, for example. As a key part of good manners, social notes are the glue that holds the fabric of society together. Because social notes have a specific purpose, they have to be organized more carefully than per- sonal letters. Here's how: