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Chapter 23. Letter Perfect > Letters of Opinion - Pg. 272

Letter Perfect · State exactly who or what you are praising. · Give dates of exemplary service. · Identify outstanding employees by name and title (e.g., Jimmy Joe Johnson, clerk). · Include your name, address, and telephone number. For letters of dissent: · State what editorial, article, or so on prompted your response. · Keep your cool; name-calling works against you. · Stay on the issue; avoid pointless digressions. · Include your name, address, and telephone number. 272 2. The Least You Need to Know · Personal letters share personal feelings and information among friends and family, while social notes ex- press gratitude or condolences, or relay an invitation. · Effective personal letters are well-organized, descriptive, complete, correct, and easy to read. · Envelopes are correctly addressed, including the right zip code and other abbreviations. · Thank-you notes mention the specific gift or act of kindness and describe why it was appreciated. · Condolence letters are written with tact and sincerity, showing the bereaved that you care about their loss. · Letters of opinion offer praise or criticism of a person, place, thing, or idea.