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Chapter 23. Letter Perfect > People Who Like People: Social Notes - Pg. 269

Letter Perfect 269 Author! Author! Abraham Lincoln was a superb writer, stating his ideas with elegance and precision. In his professional cor- respondence and documents, Lincoln drew on the cadence and diction of Shakespeare and the Bible. In his personal notes, however, Lincoln was known to use phrases as plain and homespun as he himself was. For example, a woman once asked Lincoln to intercede on her behalf at the War Department. Lincoln declined, saying he could not be of any help in the situation because "they do things their own way there, and I don't amount to pig tracks in the War Department." It's My Party, and I'll Cry If I Want To All invitations must include the social occasion (birthday, anniversary, and so on), time, date, or place. You may also wish to include information about what to wear. Here are some additional guidelines: · RSVP.Want to know how many people are coming to your shindig? Write the abbreviation "RSVP" in the lower-left corner of the invitation to request that the person respond.