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Chapter 23. Letter Perfect > People Who Like People: Social Notes - Pg. 267

Letter Perfect 267 Write Angles B&B notes are crucial in the business world as well. It's never a bad idea to send a thank-you letter after a phone interview with someone at a company about employment, an actual job interview, or when you've been offered a job and declined it. Thanks a Bunch: Bread-and-Butter Notes Remember how your mother used to force you to write thank-you letters to Cousin Bertha for those ugly, itchy sweaters? "Aw, Ma," you whined, "Cousin Bertha won't care. I bet she doesn't even read my stupid letters." Guess again. It's not only your relatives who are impressed by your good man- ners; it's friends, neighbors, and social acquaintances as well. Follow these guidelines when you write a thank-you note: · Mention the specific gift or act of kindness. Writer's Block