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Chapter 21. In the Hot Seat: Writing Und... > Before the Test … - Pg. 242

In the Hot Seat: Writing Under Pressure 242 The Golden Rules You want to write as well as you can--no mediocre prose for you, partner. If you're taking a test, you want to get the highest possible score; if you're writing something on the job, you want that raise, promotion, and pat on the back. The following suggestions can help you prepare for writing under pressure. Make these hints part of your standard repertoire. Word Watch Prose is nonpoetic writing. Essays, stories, and newspaper articles are classified as prose, for example. Before the Test ... The following suggestions can help you use your time to best advantage as you prepare for writing tests. Actually, they work great for any kind of test! 1. Study.Know your stuff. If you're well prepared, not only will you stand a better chance of answering the questions correctly, but you'll also be less likely to panic during the test. Set up a study schedule well in advance of the exam date. Get a good night's sleep.Yes, I know you've heard it before, but it really works. A solid eight hours of zzzz's can recharge your batteries and get you freebee extra points on any test. Be sure to eat.Yes, I know you'll get sick if you eat. Eat anyway; you need the nourishment. And stick with your normal foods--this isn't the time to go for the super-size Enchilada Grande with a side of squid. 2. 3. Writer's Block Avoid sleeping medication the night before, because there's the chance it will leave you groggy. 4. 5. Go easy on the caffeine.Too much coffee or cola can give you the jitters, the last thing you want. Avoid all alcohol.Even if you feel that a drink will relax you and take the edge off, steer clear of demon rum. The booze will just blunt your brain and prevent you from seeing the test as clearly as you must to succeed.