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Chapter 21. In the Hot Seat: Writing Und... > When the Meter's Running - Pg. 247

In the Hot Seat: Writing Under Pressure Pressure Writing Checklist Did I hand in everything required, such as scrap paper and the test booklet as well as the finished essay? 247 The Least You Need to Know · Essay tests ask you to recall facts, analyze a topic, evaluate an issue, or synthesize information. Each task requires its own organization and content. · Excellent essays are well organized and address the topic with vivid details and examples. · Prepare for an essay test by studying, getting a good night's sleep, eating, and avoiding caffeine and alcohol. Relax the day before and lay out what you'll need. · During the test, read directions and the entire test before you start to write, figure out how to budget your time, find key words, outline, and pace yourself. · Stay on topic, answer the question fully, use all your time, and edit, revise, and proofread. · There are effective ways to deal with panic.