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Chapter 21. In the Hot Seat: Writing Und... > When the Meter's Running - Pg. 246

In the Hot Seat: Writing Under Pressure 5. 6. 7. Tell yourself that every part of the question you answer is a point in your pocket. Open your eyes and keep writing. Take it step by step. 246 Last Licks The most successful essays always fulfill their purpose, address their audience, and have a logical organization, whether they're written at your leisure or under the gun. Good writing is complete and logical--even when it's written under pressure. Create a checklist like this one to use when you have to write under pressure. Pressure Writing Checklist Preparation Am I well prepared for this test? Did I get enough sleep? Have I eaten? Am I in the right place taking the correct test? Prewriting Have I read the directions? Do I understand the task? Did I read the entire test before I started to write? Have I analyzed my audience and purpose? If I have a choice, have I selected the question I can answer most fully? Do I understand the question? Have I found the key words? Have I budgeted my time well? Did I select a logical and suitable method of organization? Have I made a simple outline? Writing As I write, am I pacing myself well? Is my answer complete? Did I select vivid, specific words? Do my paragraphs contain sufficient detail? Are my facts correct? Have I included some original insight? Postwriting Did I edit and revise my essay? Did I proofread carefully to eliminate distracting and careless errors? Have I used all my time? Have I labeled every part of my response with my name and other necessary information?