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Chapter 21. In the Hot Seat: Writing Und... > What's the Big Idea? - Pg. 240

In the Hot Seat: Writing Under Pressure 240 Writer's Block It's tempting to include a lot of summary in an analysis writing test because it pads the essay so very nicely and seems to fulfill the assignment. It doesn't, so resist the temptation to merely recall when you're supposed to analyze. Start these essays by stating the analytical position you'll be taking. Then summarize the points that support your analysis. Many analysis essay tests are organized around cause-and-effect or com- parison-contrast. If the Assignment Asks You to Evaluate ... Questions that ask you to evaluate require you to give your opinion, to make a judgment call. This means you can't sit on the fence, partner--you have to take a stand. The stand itself isn't as crucial as the support you muster to back it up. Of course, you're going to consider pandering to the pro- fessor, because it seems that professors live to be pandered to. However, it's often the less obvious opinion that garners the better grade, because it shows the