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Chapter 20. In the End Zone > Frontmatter - Pg. 233

In the End Zone 233 · Title.Center the title (Works Cited or Bibliography) at the top of the page, about an inch from the top. Don't underline, bold, or italicize it. Write Angles Electronic sources are often missing key information such as the author and date. Use whatever informa- tion you can find for your citation. · Numbering.Don't. The entries on a Works Cited page aren't numbered. · Spacing.Start each entry flush left. Indent all subsequent lines of an entry. As with the rest of your paper, double-space each entry on your Works Cited page. Endmatter You may have some endmatter after your Works Cited or Bibliography. Endmatter includes: · Graphs, charts, maps, figures, and photographs.Place each graphic at the appropriate place in the text or group them at the end.