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Chapter 20. In the End Zone > Light at the End of the Tunnel - Pg. 232

In the End Zone 232 Writer's Block NEVER use both parenthetical documentation and footnotes/endnotes to give credit for the same passage. You get one or the other. Light at the End of the Tunnel You're almost there, partner. Just a few more matters to attend to and you'll be ready to hand in your research paper. Now it's time to prepare the endmatter and frontmatter and keyboard your paper. Let's start with the Works Cited page or Bibliography. You get one or the other, never both. Works Cited or Bibliography Page A WorksCited page provides a complete citation for every work you cited in your re-search paper. A Bibliography (or Works Consulted list), in contrast, provides a full citation for every work you consulted as you wrote your paper. Bibliographies are therefore usually much longer than Works Cited pages.