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Chapter 20. In the End Zone > CMS Footnotes and Endnotes - Pg. 227

In the End Zone 227 So how much bibliographic information must you include in the body of the paper when you use internal documentation? The first time you cite a source in your paper, include as much of the following information as necessary for your reader to figure out the source easily: · · · · Title of the source Writer's name Writer's affiliation Page numbers The following passage shows the first time a source is cited. The author is important, so his name is included in the text of the paper. The parenthetical documentation is underlined. In addition, many patients on Prozac began to experience personality changes over time. A new study described at the annual meeting of the American Psychiatric Association suggests that Prozac alters aspects of personality as it relieves depression. Ron G. Goldman, a psychiatrist at Columbia University, believes that "Emotional and personality features are intertwined in depression so it's not really surprising that some types of personality change would accompany improvement in this condition" (Bower 359). This next example shows a paraphrase from a source also cited for the first time. Since the author isn't important, he or she isn't mentioned. Instead, the focus is on the journal from which the material was taken. The internal documentation is underlined. Writer's Block