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Chapter 20. In the End Zone > CMS Footnotes and Endnotes - Pg. 229

In the End Zone 229 · Use superscript Arabic numerals. These are raised a little above the words. · Indent the first line of the footnote or endnote five spaces. All subsequent lines are placed flush left. Write Angles Use an ellipsis (three evenly spaced periods: ...) to show that you've omitted part of a quotation. Don't use an ellipsis at the beginning of a sentence; just start with the material you wish to quote. If you omit more than one sentence, add a period before the ellipsis to show that the omission occurred at the end of a sentence. · Single-space each footnote; double-space between entries. This is done automatically in most software programs. · Number footnotes or endnotes consecutively from the beginning to the end of your paper. · Use a new number for each citation even if several numbers refer to the same source. · Leave two spaces after the number at the end of a sentence. Don't leave any extra space before the number.