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Chapter 26. Grammar 101 > Woe Is I - Pg. 296

Grammar 101 296 To get the most from this chapter, read it all the way through. Then track your errors to see which ones you make most often. Concentrate on learning those specific rules. You'll retain more if you focus on specific writing problems rather than trying to master all the rules of grammar and usage at once. Woe Is I Read each of the following grammar and usage guidelines and identify each error (hint: It's men- tioned in the rule). Then correct each sentence. Don't panic if you can't identify or correct every error. Just do the best you can. Everything is explained later in the chapter, and I'm not grading you. 1. Any sentence fragments, if you want to be clearly understood. Error: _________________________________________________________ Correction: _____________________________________________________ Avoid run-on sentences, they are hard to understand. Error: _________________________________________________________ Correction: _____________________________________________________ Save the apostrophe for its' proper use and omit it where its not needed. Error: _________________________________________________________ Correction: _____________________________________________________ Avoid commas, that are not, required in a, sentence. Error: _________________________________________________________ Correction: _____________________________________________________ 2. 3. 4.