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Chapter 26. Grammar 101 > Usage Errors - Pg. 304

Grammar 101 304 And while we're dangling, let's look at another mangled construction, dangling participles. A participle is a verb ending in -ing. It's dangling when the subject of the -ing verb and the subject of the sentence don't agree. For example: Incorrect: Sailing up the harbor, the Statue of Liberty was seen. The subject is the Statue of Liberty, but it better not be sailing. Writer's Block Warning:Not all words that end in - ing are participles. For ex-ample: "Finishing the cake by Sunday is your assignment, Mr. Phelps." The word "finishing" functions as a noun, not a verb. Nouns ending in - ing are called gerunds. Correct: While we were sailing up the harbor, we saw the Statue of Liberty. or 13. We saw the Statue of Liberty as we sailed up the harbor. The passive voice should never be used.