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Chapter 26. Grammar 101 > Usage Errors - Pg. 303

Grammar 101 10. 303 Place pronouns as close as possible, especially in long sentences, as of 10 or more words, to their antecedents to avoid confusion. Error: The pronouns are placed too far from their antecedents, the words to which they refer. This makes the sentence difficult to follow and may also result in confusion or misunderstand- ing. Correction: Place pronouns as close as possible to their antecedents, especially in long sen- tences, as of 10 or more words. The revision corrects the error, but it's still not an effective sentence because it's hard to follow. To convey your meaning clearly and forcefully, break the long sentence into smaller senten- ces, as in the following example: Place pronouns as close as possible to their antecedents. This is especially important in long sentences that have 10 or more words. Never use no double negatives. Error: Double negative. Correction: Don't use any double negatives. A double negative is a sentence that contains two negative words. The two words effectively cancel each other out. Along the way, they confuse the reader. To avoid this error, review the following negative words--and then remember you get one per sentence: Negative Words no none scarcely never nothing barely 11.