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Chapter 26. Grammar 101 > Grammar Errors - Pg. 301

Grammar 101 Indefinite pronouns that end in - one are always singular. These include: Singular IndefinitePronouns one each everything somebody someone no one everybody anyone much nothing something neither anything nobody everyone other either 301 Some pronouns can be either singular or plural, depending on how they are used in a sen- tence. For example: Singular: Plural: Some of the catch is sold to restaurants. Some of the ports are located near my home. The following chart shows these pronouns: Pronouns That Can Be Singular or Plural some any all more most To avoid biased language, we now get into constructions like this: "Everyone bring his or her lunch." Rather than grappling with the clumsy construction "his or her," make the whole sentence plural: " People should bring their own lunch." This helps you sidestep the issue of agreement while you keep everyone happy.