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Chapter 26. Grammar 101 > Punctuation Errors - Pg. 299

Grammar 101 Word it's its its' Part of Speech contraction possessive pronoun is not a word Meaning it is belonging to it none 299 4. Capitalization is covered in Chapter 29, "A Capital Affair." Avoid commas, that are not, required in a, sentence. Error: Comma overkill. Correction: Avoid commas that are not required in a sentence. You can't be too rich or too thin--but you can have too many commas. There are very specific rules governing comma use. Fortunately, they're both easy and logical. See Chapter 29 for the whole enchilada. Use the semicolon correctly, always use it where it is appropriate; and never where it is not suitable. Error: Misused semicolon. Correction: Use the semicolon correctly; always use it where it is appropriate, and never where it is not suitable. A semicolon has two main uses: · To separate two complete sentences whose ideas are closely related · To separate clauses that contain a comma In this example, you're working with the first rule, since "Always use the semicolon correctly" is a complete sentence. 5.