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Part: 6 Picture Perfect > Citing Radio Shows and TV Shows - Pg. 360

Documentation Format 360 Bernback, Linda. "Golf for the Beginner" New England Regional Golf Association Yearly Meeting. Burlington, New Hampshire 3 May, 1999. Citing Radio Shows and TV Shows Identify significant people involved with the production, followed by their role: Writ. (writer), Dir. (director), Perf. (performer), Narr. (narrator), Prod. (producer). "Collectibles, Antiques, and Desirables." Home Matters . Narr. Vivian Herterford. Prod. Linda Softy. Fox News, New York, 4 February 1999. APA Documentation American Psychological Association (APA) documentation is used in social sciences, including an- thropology, education, home economics, linguistics, political science, sociology, and, of course, psychology. Like MLA documentation, APA documentation uses internal references (Smith 1999) in place of footnotes and endnotes. However, the alphabetical list of sources at the end of the paper is called "References" rather than "Works Cited." There are also significant difference between the two for- mats. Citing Books The typical APA reference for a book includes the author's last name, followed by initials rather than the first and middle names. The date is placed in parentheses, followed by the title of the book,