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Chapter 5. Clause and Effect > Prepositional Phrases - Pg. 47

Clause and Effect 47 Write Angles Unless you're writing a bodice ripper or airport fiction, use vivid adjectives and adverbs rather than interjections and exclamation points when you want to convey strong emotion. Variety Is the Spice of Life There are eight different types of phrases: prepositional phrases, adjective phrases, adverbial phra- ses, verbal phrases, gerund phrases, infinitive phrases, participle phrases, and appositive phrases. These eight types fit into three main categories: · Prepositional, which includes adjective and adverb phrases · Verbal, which includes gerund, infinitive, and participle phrases · Appositive, which includes appositive phrases (go figure) The following table explains each type of phrase. The phrase is in italics. Type of Phrase Definition Example