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Chapter 19. Cast a Critical Eye > On the Right Track - Pg. 219

Cast a Critical Eye Source Listservs Usenet newsgroups Purpose discuss topics discuss topics Authors anyone anyone Reviewed no no 219 The most reliable sources are written by experts and have been reviewed by equally reputable readers. However, these sources alone may not be enough to make your point in print. Read on, partner. Good Fit: Appropriateness The value of a source depends not only on its quality but also on its use to you in a specific writing situation. No matter how weighty and reliable the source may be, if it's not on your topic, it gets the old heave-ho. For example, if you're writing a research paper on current events, you're going to need newspapers and magazines with the most up-to-date information, rather than books, since even the most recent ones are at least six months to a year old. You're probably going to use Web sites and Usenet newsgroups, too. Even though they lack the authority you want, they have the material you need. Write Angles