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Chapter 19. Cast a Critical Eye > On the Right Track - Pg. 220

Cast a Critical Eye 220 · Make sure the material you found is really valid and can be verified in more than one source. · Check that you have a variety of perspectives in your source material. This will help protect your paper from bias. Writer's Block Never force a source to fit. You can tweak your thesis a bit here and there, but never wring or wrench your point to make a source blend in. · See that you have material that appeals to logic as well as emotion. Remember that an effective research paper is built on logic rather than feelings. · Decide how you will fit each source into your paper. Remember all those gorgeous shoes that pinch? Can't bear to throw them out? If the shoe and source fit, slip them on. If not, set them aside. A Place for Everything, and Everything in Its Place Next, create a working bibliography, a systematic way to organize all the material that looks prom-