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Chapter 22. All the World's a Stage: Wri... > Information, Please: Speeches That I... - Pg. 251

All the World's a Stage: Writing Speeches 251 Information, Please: Speeches That Inform As you've already learned, informative speeches show, clarify, and inform. To give the audience the information they've come for, you need to learn how to focus on a topic, decide on an effective method of organization, and include sufficient details, examples, and facts. Always start with the topic. Sweet Themes Are Made of This Said the after-dinner speaker: "I feel like Roseanne's fourth husband. I know what I'm supposed to do, but I'm at a loss how to make it different." You won't feel like Roseanne's fourth husband if you start writing an informative speech by choosing a central theme, the main idea or thesis. Word Watch A speech's theme is its thesis, the main idea.