All the World's a Stage: Writing Speeches 250 Speeches That Persuade Speeches that persuade are designed to move your audience to action or belief. When your goal is to influence your listener, you're speaking to persuade. You can approach a persuasive speech from different angles. For example, you can use your own credibility to strengthen your argument. Or, you can appeal to your audience's emotions, reason, or ethics--exactly as you do in any per- suasive writing. Persuasive speeches include ... · · · · · · Appeals for funds Campaign speeches Eulogies Job interviews Nominations Sales presentations Speeches That Entertain Here, you're speaking to fulfill a social need, often to draw people together for a shared occasion. To accomplish your goal, you include the same vivid details and examples you would in any nar- rative/descriptive essay. Speeches that entertain include ... · · · · · · · Address of welcome Award presentations Closing remarks Dedicating imposing structures (buildings, ships, etc.) Introducing a speaker Retirement speeches Toasts and roasts Since each type of speech requires its own approach, it's time well-spent learning how to write in all three modes. Besides, you're more than halfway there, since you've already learned all about the four types of writing earlier in this book. So put your feet up, relax, and learn how to write effective speeches that will have the audience eating out of your hand. Writer's Block Don't make the mistake of thinking that entertaining speeches have to be funny. These speeches can be amusing, and indeed many of them are. But they don't have to be humorous at all. Match the amount of humor to the audience, occasion, and your own personal style.