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Chapter 9. A Place for Everything, and E... > Space, the Final Frontier: Spatial O... - Pg. 103

A Place for Everything, and Everything in Its Place 103 Unless the store reopens under new ownership and that owner chooses to honor your credit slip (there's no obligation to do so), you are probably out of luck. Can I get a discount for paying cash? As things stand now, stores are not allowed to place a surcharge on credit purchases; they may, however, be given permission to do so. Stores are allowed under federal law to offer discounts to cash customers, as long as the discount is offered to all customers and a notice that a discount is given is clearly posted. Don't be afraid to get the information you need to make important consumer decisions. To make the questions and answers pop out of the text, you can set them off with italic or boldface type. This is done very often in technical and business documents. In addition, the questions can be set off with numbers or letters, as in 1. or a). Space, the Final Frontier: Spatial Order "I've looked at love from both sides now," the tune goes, and the same can be said for your topics. You can describe a scene in the following ways: · Right to left or vice versa · Top to bottom or vice versa · Inside out or vice versa · Foreground to background or vice versa · Around in a circle, starting and ending at the same place As you read the following essay on cats, figure out how the writer arranged the de-tails.