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Chapter 9. A Place for Everything, and E... > Asked and Answered: Question and Ans... - Pg. 102

A Place for Everything, and Everything in Its Place 102 Asked and Answered: Question and Answer As you've already learned, starting with an intriguing question grabs your readers' interest. You can continue this method by arranging your entire essay in a "Q and A" format. The following consumer pamphlet is arranged this way. You'll see that it conveys a great deal of information clearly and concisely. Know Your Rights You have rights as a consumer. Knowing and exercising those rights can save you money. Here are the three questions we are asked most often. The answers may surprise you. Am I entitled to a refund when I return merchandise? Say you've gotten a birthday present from a favorite nephew. While you appreciate his thought- fulness, leopard-print thigh-high boots aren't really your style. No problem--just return the boots to the store and exchange them for something more subdued. But you may have a problem after all! Contrary to what many consumers think, stores are not under any obligation to accept returns. If merchandise is defective, some state laws require that the seller replace the item with a comparable product; even then, however, there is no obligation for the merchant to issue a refund. When the item is something you simply don't like--whether it was a gift you received or something you bought yourself and then changed your mind--neither state nor federal law requires the seller to take it back. What can I do with a credit slip if the store goes out of business? You returned those boots and the merchant willingly gave you a credit slip when you couldn't find anything else you liked. Six months pass and the store has gone out of business. What do you do now?