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Chapter 9. A Place for Everything, and E... > Special Delivery - Pg. 97

A Place for Everything, and Everything in Its Place 97 Author! Author! All English isn't the same. British English, used not only in Great Britain but also in India, the West Indies, and parts of Africa, uses some words and phrases differently from Ameri-can English. For example, here are some common British words and their American equivalents: lorry (truck), lift (elevator), bonnet (car hood), chips (French fries), crisps (snack chips), flat (apartment), barrister or solicitor (attorney or lawyer), nappy (diaper), mate (buddy), sweets (candy). My Way or the Highway? A persuasive essay, in contrast, is likely to be arranged this way: Persuasive1 Essay Structure I. Introduction A. Topic sentence B. Summary of points to follow C. Transition or lead-in sentence to the next paragraph