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Chapter 9. A Place for Everything, and E... > Special Delivery - Pg. 95

A Place for Everything, and Everything in Its Place 95 When you choose an organizational plan for your writing, you decide how to best present your information. No one plan fits all types of writing, but certain plans often fit best with specific types of writing. For example, an informative essay is often arranged from main ideas to supporting de- tails. The following outline shows how this plays out. (Each roman numeral stands for a major divi- sion within the essay, one or more paragraphs. Capital letters stand for sentences.) Write Angles Reader expectation is a powerful factor when you select an organizational plan, but also consider your material and purpose. Some topics are better suited to specific methods of organization. The Main Event An informative essay is expository writing, since it explains, shows, and tells. Here's how many expository essays are structured: Informative Essay Structure