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Chapter 9. A Place for Everything, and E... > Space, the Final Frontier: Spatial O... - Pg. 104

A Place for Everything, and Everything in Its Place 104 Author! Author! For the last 3,000 years, since they were first revered as sacred animals by the ancient Egyptians, cats have played a major role in the folklore of many countries. For example, the Birman is the sacred cat of the Myanma (formerly Burma). According to legend, a Burmese temple was attacked and the high priest killed. His favorite white temple cat jumped on the priest's head and was transformed into a Birman. Where the paws touched the priest, the fur remained white, a symbol of goodness. This miracle encouraged the remaining priests to resist the invaders. The writer moves from inside out, starting with the cat's skeleton, moving to its eyes and teeth, and finally to its coat. This spatial order lets readers get to know the cat "inside out"! Life is full of difficult decisions. Fortunately, choosing an organizational plan for your writing doesn't have to be one of the nail-biters. Any arrangement that shows a clear and logical relationship among ideas will suit the bill. In every case, one idea should build on the previous one in a natural and sound way. When you select an organizational plan, remember to consider your purpose, audience, type of writing, and topic.