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Chapter 29. A Capital Affair > A Tall Order: Capitalization - Pg. 334

A Capital Affair Answers Error 2. i 3. "i'll ..." 4. harvey 5. She said 6. Artist Explanation Capitalize I. Capitalize a quotation, if it is a complete sentence. Capitalize proper nouns. Don't capitalize speaker's tags. Don't capitalize common nouns. 334 Now that you've gotten your feet wet, let's review the rules of capitalization. A Tall Order: Capitalization Here are the guidelines for capitalizing correctly. 1. Capitalize sentences. · Capitalize the first word of a sentence. Example: The longest recorded flight of a chicken is 13 seconds. Write Angles Capital letters provide important visual clues to readers, showing where sentences begin and pointing out proper nouns within sentences. As a result, capital letters help determine meaning. 2. · Capitalize the first word in a complete sentence after a colon. Example: Standing on the golf course, we all realized the same astonishing fact: Most peo- ple play golf to wear clothes they would not be caught dead in otherwise. · Capitalize the first word in a quotation, if it is a complete sentence. Example: In Casablanca , Humphrey Bogart never did say "Play it again, Sam." Capitalize names and titles. · Capitalize each part of a person's name. Examples: Franklin Delano Roosevelt · If a last name begins with Mc, O', or St., capitalize the next letter as well. Examples: McMann, O'Reilly, St. Stephens. · If the name begins with la, le, Mac, van, von, de, or D', the capitalization varies: le Blanc and Le Blanc are both correct, for example. Ask the person for clarification.