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Job Aid > Analyzing the Success of Icebreakers

Analyzing the Success of Icebreakers

Trainers should thoroughly consider each of these questions as soon after the conclusion of the icebreaker as possible. Reasons for each answer should be analyzed so that improvements, if necessary, can be made before an icebreaker is used again.

  1. Did it start and end in accordance with the lesson plan?

  2. Did it achieve the stated objective(s) from the lesson plan?

  3. Were participants able to keep on track?

  4. Were the directions clear and focused?

  5. Did every trainee have the opportunity to participate?

  6. Were any problems that surfaced given appropriate time and solved?

  7. Did the trainer take full notice of the interaction patterns that developed?

  8. Was the trainer flexible enough to change the process, if needed, as it unfolded?

  9. Was the trainer able to maintain the proper amount of control or free flow, or both?

  10. Did every question that arose before, during, or after the exercise get an appropriate answer?

  11. Was the level of self-esteem of every trainee maintained or enhanced?

  12. Were materials used appropriate for the activity?

  13. If any participants played a special role, how well was it handled?

  14. What parts were most and least effective?

  15. Was the mix of process and content appropriate?

  16. Did every aspect of the activity get processed appropriately so that closure was achieved?

  17. Was trainer behavior appropriate in all respects?

  18. Would anything be done differently the next time that this icebreaker is used?

  19. Was this icebreaker appropriate to the level of knowledge and interpersonal experience of the participants?

  20. Was the trainer comfortable with the process and the results?



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