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Lesson 10. Visual Aids > Consider Yourself the Principal Visual - Pg. 44

Visual Aids 44 Use the Power of PowerPoint Today many desktop presentation programs enable you to create stunning visual aids on your computer. And no program is more popular than PowerPoint. This program gives your visual aids a professional look that you just can't create on your own. With PowerPoint you can produce colorful bullet slides or design charts and graphs in far less time using one of the AutoLayouts in the program. You can also add art to your word slides by using the clip art files that come with PowerPoint. Or you can create your own drawings. The PowerPoint program also allows you to arrange slides in one sequence, then move them around easily from place to place if you change your mind. One of the most useful parts of the program is the collection of templates. These offer a variety of different designs for your slides. Once you've selected a template and inserted your text and graphics, it's easy to move them around and change their dimensions. Plain English A template is a master slide that creates a design and applies it to all your visuals. Templates use effective color combinations and graphics. Some speakers also take full advantage of the transitions that Power-Point lets them create. For example, you might decide to develop a build, which means showing one piece of information on the first slide, then adding to it in successive slides until all the information is on the screen. This approach can be very effective if you only want to talk about one item at a time. While most slides simply cut from one to the next, PowerPoint also permits you to transition by dissolving from slide to slide, which looks much smoother. In addition, you can fly in type from the right or left of the screen, or from the top and bottom. Some truly adventurous speakers also use animation to give their presentations additional sparkle.