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Lesson 10. Visual Aids > Decide on Types of Visuals - Pg. 43

Visual Aids 43 Words The most widely used visual aids consist of bulleted points. If you decide to use one of these bullet slides, keep the lines short--no more than five to eight words. It makes each line easy to read. The most effective visuals usually contain no more than five or six lines. Otherwise the slide starts to look crowded. Caution Be sure to keep the grammatical structure consistent. On bullet slides, for instance, if the first line starts with a verb, the other lines should begin the same way. Example: · Make the central message clear. · State it at the start of your talk. · Repeat it during your presentation. Pie Charts These visual aids enable you to show the parts of a whole. Sometimes speakers try to cut the pie into too many pieces, showing 15, 20, or more parts. This is usually far too much for an audience to absorb. Keep the pie chart simple; show only a few pieces. You might use one color for the chart, another color for type, and a third color for background to make the visual stimulating for your audience. Bar Graphs