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Lesson 11 - Pg. 90

The Speaker's Notebook 90 Lesson 9 Interact with Audiences Presentation:____________________ How many dialogue questions did you include? _______________ Were the questions open- or close-ended? ____________________ When did you ask the dialogue questions? ____________________ What did you accomplish with them? _______________________ Lesson 10 Visual Aids Presentation:____________________ How many visual aids did you have? ________________________ What kinds of visuals did you use? _________________________ Did you keep your visuals simple? __________________________ Was the information readable? _____________________________ Was the design simple and effective? ________________________ How did listeners react to them? ____________________________ Lesson 11 Presenting Your Visuals Presentation:____________________ What forms of visual aids did you use? ____________________ How well did they work with the talk? _____________________ Did you use the four-step process? __________________________ If so, was it effective? _____________________________________ How did you handle handouts? _____________________________ Lesson 12 Make It Simple Presentation:____________________ Did you speak in a conversational style? ______________________ Did you use active voice as much as possible? _________________ Did you avoid needless jargon? _____________________________ Did you define any acronyms? ______________________________