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Lesson 15. Ten-Point Presentation Primer > Take the Route to Success - Pg. 59

59 Chapter 15. Ten-Point Presentation Primer In this lesson you learn how to deliver a presentation that will get you an ovation from your listeners. Successful oral communication depends on a three-step process: · Preparation --Includes defining your central message and its meaning to the listeners, gathering and organizing your evidence, designing dialogue questions, and creating visual aids. · Practice --Involves rehearsing your presentation in front of a mirror, video camera, tape re- corder, or small audience of family or coworkers. · Presenting --Is the actual delivery of your talk--applying all the efforts you made in the pre- sentation's development stages when you stand up to address your listeners. Perhaps the best way to describe the last step, presenting, is to compare it to playing a round of golf after you've finished hitting balls on the driving range. When you finally get up on the first tee, you're not entirely sure you'll be able to duplicate those long, straight drives you may have been hitting in practice. Relax. Even the pros feel nervous in tournament play. When they do, professio- nals concentrate on all the fundamentals they've learned on the golf course. Do what they do: Recall